USPs of mPowerO:

  1. A school-branded mobile/web app, which helps in building trust with parents since student data security is key
  2. School’s proprietary learning material (IP) remains secure, i.e. accessible to students yet non-shareable (downloadable) UNLESS it is required to be in shareable formats
  3. Simple, visual and intuitive UI and UX – get to lessons/study material in 1-2 clicks – the focus remaining on learning with no time lost on figuring out the LMS
  4. Developed as a mobile-first solution since 90% of student consumption is happening off the mobile (during the lockdown)
  5. Cloud-hosted solution – no investment in servers, hardware, etc and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and so more cost-effective
  6. Comes bundled with O365 (Office) with licenses for registered students and teachers
  7. Developed by an organisation that has been in the training and teach space since 2008 (not a tech company) and backed by Microsoft technologies – so stability and continuity.

The above are the differentiators – not the only features.

mPowerO’s other features are what are expected to be ‘hygiene’ for LMS’.

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