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mPowerO enables Your School deliver world-class eLearning in the most teacher and student friendly manner!

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    mPower your Teachers

    Seamless switch to Live classes

    Board-aligned Digital Resources

    Structured Lesson Plans

    Auto-corrected tests and exams

    mPower your Students

    Single Sign-in to complete learning

    Engaging and Interactive Content

    Topic-wise doubt clearing

    Instant test results

    mPower your Parents

    Realtime communication

    Progress and outcome tracking

    Collaborative Approach

    Future-ready Your

    School with mPowerO
    Live classes, Board-aligned lesson plans, interactive learning resources, auto-corrected practices quizzes and exams, learning progress and learning outcome tracking, personalized.
    Pedagogical continuity beyond the classroom. mPowerO supports Teachers deliver asynchronous learning resources to their Students in a visual and intuitive manner.

    Add your School’s eLearning resources to mPowerO’s

    Elite K-12 digital content and build a lifetime Digital Library

    Videos and Animations

    XXXX hours of Board-aligned videos and animations make lessons interesting and deep-rooted

    Interactive Lessons

    Reinforce concepts through topic-wise interactive lessons

    Worksheets and Assignments

    Download worksheets and collaborate on assignments with fellow students

    Auto-corrected Tests and Exams

    Self-assess fundamentals by taking auto-corrected practice tests and exams

    Clear all Doubts

    Two-way, topic-wise chats for real-time doubt clearing

    Build your Content Library

    Upload your own learning resources or stream from public source with the click of a mouse

    Create your classes,

    Assign learning resources and start teaching – all in Days!

    Widest syllabus coverage built for

    all boards,exams and subjects

    All Boards

    mPowerO caters to students across the country from all major boards including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and state boards like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, West Bengal and many others.

    58 Exams

    Students have different goals and aspirations. mPowerO covers all major competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, and Olympiads and Scholarship Exams like IMO, NTSE, KVPY etc, for their better learning.

    17 Subjects

    Every subject plays an important role in the curriculum. mPowerO covers all other major subjects and serves schools as a one-stop destination for learning. This wide availability of subjects makes mPowerO unique.

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