Chairman of mPowerO

Ananth Rao

Ananth Rao is the Chairman of mPowerO, an Edtech SaaS platform for eLearning. mPowerO enables educational institutions including K-12 schools, Higher-Ed colleges, skilling institutes & test Prep institutes to deliver faculty lead eLearning to their students. And for enterprises to empower their employees & engage their customers. mPowerO’s mission is to transform the learning experience for millions, with digital learning anytime & anywhere.

SkillPro helps educational institutes, enterprises & government in implementation of large scale solutions for eLearning, training & proctored assessments.

Ananth Rao is serial entrepreneur with 20+ years experience of running companies and also being an advisor & board member of other companies. His investment arm Focus Ventures, does early stage investments primarily in Technology & education sectors.

Ananth was Founder of JP Mobile in the US, acquired by Good Technology, which was then acquired by Motorola in 2007 for over $500M. After that 10 year journey, he returned to India as Vice President at Motorola.

Ananth holds a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Louisiana and did his executive MBA from Stanford.