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Every print edition of a published book is mostly accompanied by its digital version, now-a-days, as digital publishing has become the new norm for publishers today. Publishers are adapting to the changing needs of users along with the changing trends within the industry – via embracing digital book/eBook publishing strategy.

While digital transformation has assisted publishers in maximizing their outreach with low-cost production, maintenance and steamline revenues with existing content IP, it has also brought overwhelming competitors in the market.

Here are a few eBook publishing strategies for every publisher, that assist to reach a wider target audience:

a) Partner with a Digital Publishing Platform:

A bespoke digital publishing platform enhancing the user’s reading experience will help publishers to create a compelling eBook by taking into account factors such as eBook layout, file formats, pricing and customization.

Choosing the right eBook publishing platform assists to transform eBook in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

b) Personalized Marketing Strategy:

To boost Sales, a multi-channel marketing strategy with evolving trends must be accounted for optimal results.

For a better understanding of the business-specific target audience, a personalized marketing strategy in-place with comprehensive analysis on the basis of consumption patterns and content outreach can be achieved.

c) Access across multiple devices and Software Systems:

A bespoke digital publishing strategy must incorporate and consider device compatibility to ensure developed content is accessible across all smart devices as well as on every other operating system – Windows, iOS and Android.

Analytics will provide resourceful insights on both the device usage along with the software systems.

d) Actionable insights from Advanced Analytics:

Analytics plays a crucial role whilst designing the eBook Publishing Strategy – as its the data-driven route to success.  Reader’s behaviour via data and analytics would allow publishers to create data-driven business models/strategies, for a thorough understanding and on the basis of the insights.

e) Data Security:

Every digital publisher’s major concern is the security and privacy of the online content that is being generated/developed from time-to-time. Publishers must hence take into account Digital Rights Management (DRM) which helps in averting copyright content from being pirated.

To reduce the risk of losses, by safeguarding content against unauthorized online distribution, DRM will be crucial in protecting security of the data.

f) Distribution Platforms:

Content Analysis from Analytics will provide a better understanding/idea on which platform the users prefer to view their content on, based on which the publishers can decide on the platforms so as to distribute the content via eBooks.

g) Embracing Technology:

With technological advances, products and services of businesses also need to be adapted and enhanced accordingly.

AR/VR are the latest buzzwords and AR can be embedded in eBooks with app-enabled devices to further enhance their eBooks, for publishers.

h) Make use with Metadata for outreach:

Publishers must attempt to incorporate such features into their publications via eBooks which increases the visibility of the eBook to remain competitive in the online markets.

Metadata increases the discoverability of the eBook via storing related data in the form of a catalog within, which needs to be reformed from time-to-time for increased discoverability of the eBooks.


Readers and hence content consumption habits are unique and hence publishers need to focus on offering reliable solutions to generate a loyal audience base.

mPowerO provides continuous support and is an end-to-end offering to Digital Publishing Solutions.

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