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With the rise of mobile, smart devices, video, AR, VR, MR etc, businesses are reinventing themselves to survive and digital publishing is no exception.

eBooks or digital books, allow publishers to streamline operations – publish and distribute faster, reach wider audiences and develop new revenue streams.

Here are a few ways on how eBooks can assist digital publishers:

a) Reach a wider audience:

With eBooks, Publishers can leverage the use of internet/cloud technologies and reach a wider audience on a global scale by setting up a footprint in the overseas markets by distributing the eBooks or digital assets via their own website, social media or marketplaces.

Readers can check on eBooks at their convenience by accessing them using smart devices.

b) Tap new revenue streams:

eBooks offer publishers to unlock potential opportunities to sell in new online marketplaces apart from just saving costs of production, inventory, maintenance and distribution.

Publishers can monetize and streamline new revenues via having a wider outreach in the form of marketplaces.

c) Cost saving on Production:

Off-set printing has been dominant since ages and the more the copies the publisher prints, the lower is the overall cost of printing being incurred. Hence, printing used to be at a scale and associated distribution through retailers too. If copies have been unsold, warehousing costs would also affect the publishers.

With eBooks, publishers are not bound by economies of scale. Online books can be downloaded for free or with a cost, subscribed etc, as per the options made available by the publishers. It all depends on how the publisher wants to market their eBook. Also, edits to the eBooks content is minimal or negligible, thus, paving a way to achieve significant savings on reducing inventory, minimizing warehouse costs etc,.


d) Improve content visibility:

To market their eBooks, publishers can reach a wider and new audience via making use of social media platforms thus enabling them to build their brand and then redefine content and marketing strategies to remain competitive.

e) Add new layers of storytelling:

Technological advances have made it possible for the publishers to add extra layers of content via storytelling methodology making eBooks interactive, interesting and engaging for the readers. AR driven digital publishing platforms can add audio/video/animations/graphics to generate enriched experiences.


Digital publishing caters to a wider audience in a cost-effective way as digital content is easy-to-access, edit and distribute enriching reading experiences.  Technological interventions along with the increasing number of smart devices are making humankind move towards digital content consumption.

With the increasing availability of digital publishing platforms a growing number of potential opportunities lies ahead for digital publishers to increase and retain their audience.

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