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Online Learning and hence Online Reading is a real opportunity for book Publishers to increase their revenues with low-cost of production, maintenance. Publishers have limited choice to adapt the new digital marketplace to remain in competition.

Digital Transformation has changed the rules of the game and hence the engagement, thus affecting learning/reading experiences of users and the arrival of smart device reading (in the form of Kindle etc,) have already taken a leap in this arena in addition to the reading of print books. The new digital preferences of book readers have thus changed the core business value of book publishers and both publishers and readers are to embrace this paradigm shift from “selling the books” to “enrich the reading experience”.

Book publishers need to adapt and discover new revenue streams in the publishing industry via:

a) Hybrid eBooks with Multimedia Capabilities:

Interactive digital content enables publishers to develop eBooks with multimedia capabilities. Publishers can explore content forms not only just with text, but also with audio, video, animation, 3D and other available digital formats so as to boost more interest to the learners and thus assisting to develop more engagement.

b) Agile Publishing – Cloud Technology:

Cloud-Publishing facilitates low-cost self-publishing to help Publishers in their price wars, competition, and augment the value proposition of traditional publishers. With a plethora of Software-as-Services (SAAS), to empower publishers with fastest turnaround times, flexible-budgets, an end-to-end publishing platform with all-in-one capabilities are gaining popularity. Publishers have the choice to get a lean and agile avatar with digital transformation.

c) Device Reading with Millenials:

Digital reading is the most popular reading behaviour with the rise in technological advancements, thus, providing access to tons of books online & compiling personalized eLibrary than their traditional counterparts.  It’s with the arrival of millennial book readers that have brought core disruption to the core publishing efforts. Publishers hence, need to reinvent their workflow to meet and delight readers on their smart digital devices.

d) Device agnostic eBooks:

Mobile is the new digital identity for modern humanity. Reading books have become largely smart devices driven with the recent advances in technology. eBooks should be designed and developed by publishers in a multi-device world, for the end users.

e) Publishing-A global Marketplace:

The post-kindle era has made smart device reading a common habit of the millennials. Now-a-days, a predominant volume of book discovery, title searches, downloads, readership and sales for publishers is digital.

Digital Transformation – in the form of selling and marketing of eBooks for Publishing needs – should be a part of the overall strategy of the roadmap – thus enabling selling of eBooks to tons of digital readers – all in one place called a marketplace, a global marketplace post to embracing being in digital.


Delightful digital reading has emerged as the biggest disruptor in traditional book publishing. Technological advances have now become more a way of life, and hence, this digital revolution/transformation is forcing publishers to reinvent their business models for the millennial’s world, which is a time to measure the distance and fall in line, very quickly, to outsmart their competitors.

Amazing reading experience is key for publishers who want to provide their users with the best digital publishing platform.

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