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Educational Institutions particularly high schools and colleges are adopting eBooks to impart knowledge, as digital technology expands its horizons.

The way people search for information (content), access and consume has drastically changed over the past few years with the increasing use of the internet and easy availability of smartphones.

Publishers too are making use of the opportunity and are taking to eTextbooksto meet learners expectations so as to harness digital formats to present content in visual story-telling format for more engagement and intellectual stimulation of their learners, by making content more informative and engaging. Features such as 3D Diagrams, animation, AR/VR help to capture and retain attention, simplify context making learning more relevant to the context and connecting to the real-world.

eTextbooks, made available online, facilitate:

-students to access anytime anywhere either for free or for a subscription

-publishers can benefit by leveraging the digital space in paving the way for entry into new  markets

Here are a few possible ways eTextbooks can assist K-12 Publishers, Students & Enterprise:

eTextbooks enables publishers to:

  • Expand geographical reach: Using local publishers they can further expand their outreach in native languages & varied formats.
  • Save inventory, warehouse & transportation costs: shared and downloaded by the end users.
  • Maintain easily: edits can be easily made online to keep the eBooks updated all the time.
  • Offer nominal costs: eTextbooks besides using internet and online payment options can be made available for sale at no additional cost.
  • Get recurring income: With least maintenance along with subscription options steady income can be generated.

eTextbooks enables students to:

  • Continue with learning beyond traditional classrooms
  • Ensure a balance of responsibility between Teacher and them in their learning journey
  • Enable learning at their own pace
  • Assists in personalized learning
  • Ease of access
  • Anytime anywhere learning
  • Helps to take great ownership of learning
  • Gain access to interactive learning (content) by incorporating rich media content (in the form of audio/video/animations/graphics)
  • Can store and has access to entire repository of learning resources on smart devices

eTextbooks enables enterprises to:

  • Instructors are relieved from the task of creating teaching materials, as they already are prepared for
  • Can access a wealth of abundance of teaching materials (repository or on the internet)
  • Enables more constructive interaction with the students
  • Facilitates better learning outcomes
  • Provides advanced learning analytics for each individual students for defining/training better learning paths
  • Enables progressive outcomes for personalized learning

Talk to the team of mPowerO experts to leverage on the prospects for developing eTextbooks for Publishers, as Product Offering.

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