Publisher Distribution model from mPowerO
Creates a lifetime content repository with “ready-to-use” digital books​ Protects and distributes your digital content to B2B, B2C and B2B2C. Detailed analytics on the usage of content to help improve content in real time.
mPowerO Online Learning Platform for Students
Continuity in learning seamlessly between books and digital material Reinforces concept through self-paced learning
Teacher-Centric online solution from mpoweo
Leverages Publisher’s digital teaching material and supplement with own content​ Leverages Structured, ready-to-use lessons​
Role of mpowero in Upskilling for Government Institutions
Customise Skill training initiatives to start and grow Vocational Education for colleges across several sectors Get hand-holding support Build market linkages HR sourcing for corporate seeking entry-level talents Assist and Enable SSC Certification for 9, 10, 11, 12 class students
mpowero for Corporates
Creative communication, documentation and designing Building training infrastructure with computers, furniture, training equipment, etc. Videos and live demos for easy understanding Trainer and trainee handbooks for reference Remote learning for a wider reach
How is mpowero platform assisting job seekers
Professional job description alignment Communication skills –English and vernacular language Grooming, time management and personality development Basic IT literacy
Trainee from mpowero after upskilling from courses
Practice quizzes to master concepts Discussion board to ask and clear doubts
Role of a Trainer with mPowerO Online Learning Platform
Curate and redesign course content Auto correction of tests/exams
mpowero platform assisting Training centers in Online Learning
Connects trainers and trainees despite geographical constraints Centralized course content repository Reduce attrition
Role of a Parent with mPowerO Online Learning Platform
Monitor ward's performance and progress Single point for notifications and communication Interact with faculty and the institute