mPowerO Education Transformation Series

in its pursuit of delivering holistic education, has partnered with New-age Spiritual Guru, Shri Darpan Vasudev, well-known for his discourses on Motivation, Self-esteem and Parenting.

The mPowerO “Educational Transformation Series” are mPowerO-sponsored webinars by Shri Vasudev on topics such as Teenage Parenting, Handling Stress during Exams, Self-Inspirations and more, being exclusively conducted for K-12 schools across India.

Many of India’s leading K-12 schools have hosted or will be hosting an mPowerO “Educational Transformation Series” webinar for their Students and Parents. Should your school wish to host an mPowerO-sponsored webinar by Shri Vasudev for your School’s Students, Parents or Teachers, please do fill up the required details in the following link and someone from the mPowerO team will get in touch with you.

Effectual Parenting – Chinmaya Vidyalaya School

mPowerO sponsored a webinar that was focused on effectual parenting and Mr. Darpan Vasudev was the speaker. The webinar focused on the awakening of the mind, increasing the energy, and screen time for the children.

Teen Parenting – Al Ameen International School

This webinar was sponsored by mPowerO and the speaker was Mr. Darpan Vasudev, the leading Education Innovator. This webinar was focused to prepare and overcome competition for the children, learn from daily chores, self-improvement and also the importance of focusing on their hobbies.

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